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Chamley Outfitting, LLC
Blake Chamley
P.O. Box 987 Dubois, WY 82513

Chamley Outfitting offers both summer pack trips and fall hunting trips into the northwestern portion of the Wind River Range.

Many summer adventurers will hire Chamley Outfitting as the packer to get their gear to the base of Mount Gannett - Wyomings highest peak. From there they will begin their ascent up the peak on their own. Others will use their services to access the wilderness for some quiet fishing and relaxation. These pristine lakes offer some extraordinary opportunities to catch some true native and wild trout. Many will head to these lakes for the purpose of reeling in a trophy sized golden trout - a species that is not available in most easily accessed lakes.

Chamleys hunting clients enjoy the opportunity to hunt a portion of the Wind River Range that receives little hunting pressure. A 10 to 26 mile horse ride will put you into prime elk and bighorn sheep country. Elk can be hunted with a rifle on a general season tag or with archery equipment on a limited quota tag in units 67, 68 and 69. Though archery hunting is on a limited basis, historically this tag has been very easy to draw. Chamley is also one of only a few outfitters hunting sheep area 9. With only a few tags awarded each year, there are certainly a number of sheep that grow old enough to reach their full potential and over the years, Chamleys hunters have taken many of them. Once a tag is in hand, the opportunity at an exceptional bull or trophy ram exist this far into the wilderness area. Few hunters expend the energy to access these remote mountains and basins. It is a true wilderness adventure.

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